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23 Jan
Attention to all investors

Attention to all investors, partners, representatives, and affiliates

Due to unforeseen matters with the Hong Kong local government, we are sorry to inform you, any members from or affiliated by any type of HYIP monitors, promoters, spammers or Ponzi related blog or websites, are not allowed to create an account or benefit from wealthequityinvestment.com in any mean.

During the last week, we have received several emails from websites which they are known by HYIP monitors claimed to be legal promoters for online investments, They tried to blackmail us, and some did in exchange for showing payment proof on their website. Anyway, to make the story, short wealthequityinvestment.com has received notice from the Hong Kong government to shut down those accounts since they might have been involved in Money laundering activities.

The wealthequityinvestment.com management team decided to step in and keep everything legal and safe therefore all the accounts own sole by Ponzi promoters or HYIP monitors or in some cases affiliated with those individuals or groups will be permanently suspended.

Our decision will be changed under no circumstances. We are committed to providing legal and safe online investment opportunities to all.

Stay tuned
wealthequityinvestment.com risk managemnet department

21 Jan
Affiliate program

wealthequityinvestment.com is so happy to announce a significant upgrade to the current affiliate system.. We are going to retire the current affiliate system at the beginning of July 2019 and implement a whole new system which immediately goes into effect. Our new affiliate program includes all standard and representative members with five levels commission. Please subscribe and follow us on Twitter to stay updated with the latest news and updates. More good news is coming.

19 Jan
Visa begins worldwide Cross-Border Network Based on Certain Expressions of Blockchain

United States’ payment monster Visa has started a cross-border payment network acquired from some aspects of blockchain technology, Reuters reports June 11.

The system, called “Visa B2B Connect,” is created to facilitate international payments made by global financial operations by enabling direct interbanking transactions within businesses and beneficiaries.

According to the report, the network already covers 30 trade channels global to enable faster and cheaper cross-border payments and is supposed to expand to 90 markets by the end of 2019.

Visa B2B Connect is partially based on blockchain technology, including elements of Hyperledger, the open source distributed ledger technology (DLT) developed by a group led by the Linux Foundation, the report notes.

Perfectly, several aspects of blockchain tech were reportedly used due to its capability to transfer more data on payment than any existing payment system, global head of Visa Business Solutions Kevin Phalen said in the report.

The new network is a result of collaboration with tech global giant IBM, as well as e-payment operator Bottomline Technologies and fintech firm FIS. In order to develop the product, Visa was reportedly initially working with cryptographic ledger systems builder Chain.

Recently, Visa also partnered with the fintech operator of Japanese messaging app LINE — LINE Pay Corporation — to produce new blockchain and digital payments solutions.

Beginning this year, software startup DataLight released a report claiming that bitcoin (BTC) has the potential to replace global payment methods such as Visa and MasterCard within ten years.

18 Jan
To The Moon And Probably Not Back: 20 Crypto Jokes

With Bitcoin's price going above USD 8,000 and causing vast amounts of hype in the society, the internet has been a humor-generating device recently. And then the market crashed on Friday, but jokes remained as everyone believes we're still in an uptrend. Anyway, as everyone is playing professional analyst (as always,) we've collected some of the unusual predictions, as well as some other great stuff we stumbled across, for your enjoyment.

The week started with Binance clients looking for profit, Bitcoin jumped above USD 8,000, and eBay said they did not intend to accept crypto. Bitfinex, apparently, raised USD 1 billion in a private sellout, Microsoft announced the launch of infrastructure on top of the Bitcoin network, and you can now shop using crypto much quicker. Samsung confirmed more blockchain-related services on future phones, the industry is fighting against G20, and HTC Exodus added new functionalities to their phone. Binance continued the business, a crypto millionaire wants you to trust in crypto - and so does legendary investor Mark Mobius, and the market crashed once again at the end of the working week.

14 Jan
Bitcoin Reaches USD 8,000, Crypto Market Cap Jumps 12%

The most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin just took another USD 1,000 leg up in the past 24 hours and now exchanges at around USD 8,000 on many markets, while only 12 coins out of the top 100 are in red now.

After jumping by about 13% in the past 24 hours (05:59 UTC), Bitcoin price sits at a level last seen in July 2018, while Bitcoin dominance, or percentage of total market capitalization, increased to almost 59%. Total crypto market capitalization exceeded USD 240 billion.

08 Jan
Welcome to wealthequityinvestment.com

Welcome to wealthequityinvestment.com

wealthequityinvestment.com Group LTD grand opening! Any individual or organization from any nation may open an account with us and we welcome investors from anywhere on the planet. The wealthequityinvestment.com investing platform is a smart and convenient way to get exposure to digital money. Our financial advisors would provide you the best guidance for making a discussion to invest in wealthequityinvestment.com Group LTD.